The Dutch word BUUV is in English Neighbours. Therefore, in the following text is spoken of Neighbours.


NEIGHBOURS is a neighbourhood marketplace, created for and run by residents. It involves services that residents can provide for each other, without necessarily having to do something in return. This could be anything: cooking, companionship, walking the dog, a ride to the doctor or the hospital, a chore in the house or gardening. Everyone has something to ask from time to time, and everyone has something to offer. At NEIGHBOURS, one good turn does not necessarily deserve another. There are no strings attached: there’s no need for neighbours to always be there for each other. You can also help just occasionally, whenever it suits you. What may seem like a small effort for you can actually mean a lot for someone else. After all, it’s better to have a good neighbour than a distant friend.

Who is NEIGHBOURS for?

The NEIGHBOURS initiative is open for anyone who has a supply or demand. New residents for example, who want to get to know people. Elderly citizens who don’t want to sit still and are keen to share their knowledge. Families who invite singles for dinner. District nurses looking for someone to accompany one of their clients to the hospital. Immigrants who want to learn their new country’s language. Creative people who work together to create beautiful things. People with disabilities who may sometimes need a helping hand, but who are also eager to show their talents. Garden heroes without a garden of their own. Coffee lovers going over the events of the day. Handymen, nannies, cooking talents, theatre lovers and sports buddies. No matter what your age is: NEIGHBOURS is there for everyone.

How does NEIGHBOURS work?

There are several ways to post your message or to respond to other people’s posts. On a NEIGHBOURS notice board in your neighbourhood, online, by phone or via a NEIGHBOURS intermediary. Other neighbours respond to the messages. Initially, only your name and neighbourhood are displayed in your message. After a match between supply and demand, contact information is exchanged.

At NEIGHBOURS, no payment is involved for services rendered. We do, however, recommend you to discuss payment of any expenses to be made beforehand. For instance petrol and parking fees when accompanying someone to the hospital.

You can register online at Neighbours ( After choosing your own city from the list, you can register. After your registration, you will receive an e-mail containing a verification link. After activating that, you can get going. You can post something yourself or respond to a message from another person. You will receive all reactions by e-mail. Online, you can upload a photo or post information about yourself and any hobbies and interests. Would you like to become a neighbour right away?

Bulletin board
On the NEIGHBOURS bulletin board, NEIGHBOURS provides an overview of supply and demand in your neighbourhood. If you see something you want to respond to, please contact NEIGHBOURS. You can also fill out a card and put it on a NEIGHBOURS bulletin board near your home. We will make sure that your call can also be found on our website (obviously without your address or phone number, for privacy reasons). You can find the locations of the NEIGHBOURS boards listed by district. Click here to see the map.

By telephone
You can call also NEIGHBOURS. For NEIGHBOURS contact details, please click here. Neighbours’ intermediaries can check the list or post a message for you. NEIGHBOURS can be contacted by phone on weekdays during office hours. You may also leave a message, if you are calling outside office hours or if the line is engaged. If you leave your name and number, NEIGHBOURS will call you back. You can also make an appointment with an intermediary.

You can also post a message anonymously. NEIGHBOURS will make sure your name is not included in your message. In order to arrange this, you need to contact NEIGHBOURS.